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Re: corel linux

woulda been nice if storm had updated X before releasing. seems like they
are still using (?) none of my videocards work with that :< doh!

of course i only spent about 30 mins trying to install it..


On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, sam wrote:

hari >I have tried Corel Linux but I wasn't crazy about it. It's very geared
hari >towards the desktop Windows user. I recommend you check out Storm Linux at
hari >www.stormix.com. Storm is also based on Debian but I like the things they
hari >added to it a lot more than what Corel did. I installed it last week and
hari >I've been pretty happy with it.
hari >
hari >~Sam
hari >
hari > 
hari >
hari >On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, massa confusa wrote:
hari >
hari >> I have read that corel linux is based on debian.  Does anyone on this list
hari >> use it and can they tell me any more about it?  Thanks,
hari >> 
hari >> mary
hari >> 
hari >> 
hari >> 
hari >
hari >
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