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3 questions. Please, HELP ME!

Hi! I'm a Debian Linux 2.1 'slink' user, and I have 3 questions:

1.  I have compiled the version 2.2.4-intl of Linux Kernel and, at boot
time, my screen shows the following message:
    SIOCADDRT: Invalid argument

    I have read the documentation, and says that is a bug in pppd
versions 2.2.0 and earlier. I have currently installed pppd v2.3 patch
level 5.
    Why does occur this? How can I patch the kernel?

2.  My distribution doesn't make some device files, such as /dev/modem,
/dev/audio, /dev/mixer, /dev/sndstat (I cannot use my SoundBlaster PCI
    and I use my modem with device file /dev/ttyS1 directly). How can I
workaround this?

3. I have the defrag utility. How can I defragment my Linux partition,
since a mounted drive cannot be defragmented?

Please, send your reply at ponghy@ono.es, as soon as possible.

Thanks very much for your support!!

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