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Re: corel linux

yes, it is based on debian. i've used it quite a bit.
here's my take:

naturally, since i am a debian fan, i think it's the greatest of the
"Linux-for-the-Windows-user-who wants-to-try-out-Linux" distribution, though
i try to be unbiased. (based on the ones i've tried... Redhat, Corel, and
it's easily the easiest install out of the three (no rawrite here. you can
even make your boot floppy in a point and click style via Windows)

it has a nice interface for Apt.
nice tools for setting up sound cards, modems, etc.
Corel's File Manager is really nice for people used to Windows Explorer
does a WAY better job of the default X setup than the others i've tried.

not very streamlined. installs everything but the metaphorical kitchen sink
even w/ the basic install option
hope you're not a gnome fan. by default, it's very KDE-centric
s-l-o-o-o-o-w-w bootup

overall, it's not for the power-user. if you're not into getting all the
intricate detail, and just weant to get something up and running, it's a
good bet. i currently have a Corel machine that my girlfriend is using who
is trying to learn linux. she installed it, w/o any problems by herself and
she previously only knew MACs.

hope this helps,

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> I have read that corel linux is based on debian.  Does anyone on this list
> use it and can they tell me any more about it?  Thanks,
> mary
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