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Re: Another dpkg or apt-get question from a new user

"Maury R. Merkin" <merkin@his.com> wrote:
> [How] can I get a listing of the files installed with a package?
> I.e., if package dork.deb was installed on my box last week, can I see
> what files were installed?  If so, how?

You might be interested to know that:

If you install an app with apt-get then the .deb will be saved to

If you then click on that .deb using GMC (the default Gnome file
manager) the contents will be opened up as if the .deb were a directory.
Very neat. If you don't use Gnome, then mc (Midnight Commander) will do
a similar thing.

I find thsi useful because it is easy to read docs etc. before the
package is installed.

Phillip Deackes
Using Storm Linux 2000

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