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Re: crashing and no intl keyboard

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Winston <xee42@netscape.net> writes:

    > Need help. I have two bad problems on Slink: I can't make Debian
    > type Spanish and many of my apps crash often.
    > 1. I can't make the international keyboard work. I need to use
    > Spanish markings but they don't work on my copy of Slink. I can
    > change flags but I can't change the keyboard. I go to panel -->
    > add
    applet--> utility-->GKB international keyboard. No luck.

Check to see if the config for GKB uses XKB or Xmodmap.  I'd suggest
using Xmodmap.

    > 2. Many application are crashing. GEdit, Bluefish, Balsa all
    > crash regularly.  What should I do?  This is an amd k6-2 400
    > mhz, 128 ram.  Also, I get no session management.  thanks if you
    > can help., STeve W

You may want to get a new version of GNOME.  Add the following line to
deb http://www.debian.org/~vincent/ slink-update main

These will probably be more stable.

For session management edit .xsession in your home directory.   Make
sure that the last command is


This will give you session management.  You proabaly want it as your
only command in .xsession.

Good luck.

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