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Re: daemons -- who needs'em?

w trillich wrote:
> > >   we need them _both_ because... well... um...
> > Because syslogd handles the userspace messages, klogd handles the kernel
> > messages.
> there's still a AWFUL lot of overlap!

No there's not. Please give the people who wrote linux some credit for

klogd contains a lot of speical-purpose code to parse System.map files
and decode kernel symbols and grab information out of the kernel ring
buffer. This is _not_ stuff you want in a general syslogd program, especially
since there is little reason a syslogd program should not be portable.
Therefore, it makes excellent sense to make it be in its own daemon. Which
just passes log messages on to syslogd, so there is no code overlap.

Given the list you posted, you seem to have installed a great deal of
daemons onto your debian system without knowing what they do. That is
not a good idea. It's the type of thing redhat people seem to do, but in
debian there is no point in doing so. Install a minimal system, add
daemons and other packages one at a time as you find the need for them.

see shy jo

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