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Re: daemons -- who needs'em?

John Pearson wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 30, 2000 at 04:23:50PM -0500, w trillich wrote
> > but what i was referring to was the console-happy curses-based gizmo
> > that ran only on the FIRST BOOT after installing bare-bones kernel
> > stuff from cd. blue screen, white selector bars, and TAB to rotate
> > among the choices.
> >
> I'm afraid you won't see tha unless you re-install - it's part of the
> dinstall script that is deleted after installation.  All it really does
> is
> # dpkg --set-selections < profile.whatever
> and you can get the actual package lists it uses from the boot-floppies
> package (I think).

thought it was something like that.

> IMO, they are a mixed blessing - they mean that a new user can
> skip dselect, which is the most harrowing step for most new
> users, but they also mean that users end up with (e.g.) NIS
> installed when they have no idea what it's for or whether they
> need to worry about the error messages it produces.

or about the flames they get when asking if they need such a beast..


thanks for the info!

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