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Re: debian + red hat linux

Hi Cris,

On Sun, 2 Apr 2000 DebianBeast@aol.com wrote:

> /hda1 2.5 gig. debian
> /hda2 1.5 gig  red hat
> /hda3 115 meg. swap.
> i dont have partition magic but i would like to know if it is possible to 
> install debian (with booting from hard drive) and then install red hat linux 
> on the second partition and then set it up so i can choose which i want to 
> use. 

It should be possible somehow. This weekend I managed to install the
Debian 2.2 base system on my computer parallel to the already existing
RedHat 5.2. I had to fiddle a little bit, since I am not yet too
familiar with my computer (RedHat was preinstalled) and the slightly
different installing procedure of potato. 

I just cannot tell you exact details how to do this on your computer,
since I am using a different platform (Alpha) which has a boot
selector possibility in its BIOS included and my computer has two
harddisk drives, one exclusively for RedHat, the other for Debian. 





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