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Running current potato, with xlockmore package installed.

I had been using slink with no problems.  Now however, if I have a user
who is not a member of the groups listed in /etc/xlock.staff, he cannot
clear xlock once it's been activated.  In other words, he can't get back
into his account -- I have to kill the xlock process via another login
session (or as superuser).

I have been trying to find documentation for the purpose of this file
and haven't found much.  I had to do some searches on the 'net,
apparently it is undocumented on my system.  From what I can tell, it is
just supposed to contain a list of users who will not be auto-logged-out
after a given period of idle time.  Is this correct?  If so, then what
is the point of not allowing a user to get back into his account after
he has run xlock?


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