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apache + mod_proxy

I have a problem with apapche and mod_proxy.  I added the following to
the /etc/apache/http.conf

## www proxy settings
CacheRoot /var/www/cache
CacheSize 500
CacheDirLevels 3
CacheDirLength 1

and uncommented the LoadModule proxy_module line.

I set the clients to access the webserver, using the machine name and
port 80.  When I got to a web site through the proxy (using netscape),
instead of getting the web site I asked for I get the index.html page of
the web site that is set up on the web server.  This happens for any web

Have I missed anything from the above??

I am now using squid instead and that works fine, except I cant now
access the local website on the same machine, doh!!!

Thanks for any suggestions...

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