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RE: (jg) Re: ipmasq and howto

> > But still when I do "ipchains -M -L" I don't get anything.
> > 
> > Any ideas?
> I'm now experiencing the same thing. :-)  But as long as I can see the MASQ
> entry in the output from "ipchains -L", things appear to be working.
> (Now I'm trying to figure out what's made the difference -- why it is that
> previously I was seeing specific entries with 'ipchains -M -L' and now I'm
> not...possibly something's been updated, dunno; as long as things keep
> working, I'm planning not to worry about it too much. :-)
RTFM!!! man ipchains clearly states:
       -M, --masquerading
              This option allows viewing of  the  currently  mas­
              queraded  connections  (in  conjuction  with the -L
              option) or to set the kernel masqerading parameters
              (with the -S option).
The emphasis lies on "currently*"! That is, only if a masqueraded host
hast open connections, something will show up!


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