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RE: corel linux

On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, Chris Mason wrote:
> Yes, I have it and I am going through install-hell. 

It's not install-hell; it's all the your life-experience you need to reach
your destiny...

> Actually it installs
> very easily, but Ima trying to get a firewall together and I am having
> problems with network card install, however, I think I would have the
> same problems with any Linux system. 

On setting up a firewall, you'd need ipchains.

> The initial install is easy, the interface is neat. I recommend it, but
> when you install, you might want to require the advanced-custom-install
> everything- option as you don't have to struggle with installing
> packages afterwards if you forgot to install somehting. 

I think it's the beauty of Linux; at first, Linux lets you to walk on
crutches, later on, you are on your own.


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