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2.6.10 and FireStarter Re: 2.6.11 again [2.6.11 vanilla] Compiled on iBook G4: all working! 2.6.11 with sleep and linux-wlan-ng drivers 2.6.8 kernel compile failing on PowerMac G4/350 2.6.9: sound problem 64 bit PowerPC porting machine available About the new powerbook trackpad Acard 6260M support? Accessing LogWatch via web acx_100 driver Adding a network card... Airport Express Airport Extreme via QEmu Re: (albook g4) DVD writing (albook) macchanger alsaconf package? Apple's Shasta I/O Controller not known to kernel? [was Re: [Netboot] Ethernet Driver on 1.8GHz G5?] ***appletalk.ko & ipddp.ko*** apple trackpad driver update Re: Approaches to enabling scanning for AirPort (not Extreme) backing up before debian install backlight control and debian kernel 2.6.10 Ben and his MiniMac benefits of apt-build for powerpc? Best way to create a swap partition BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_PMAC && !BLK_DEV_IDEPCI Blocking process Boot floppy disk on G3 beige booting from USB/Firewire Booting the netinst CD image on a Mac mini Booting without BootX on Wallstreet? Bug#289182: kino endianness issues on powerpc Re: Bug#296997: gcc-3.4: linux 2.6.11-rc? doesn't compile on ppc Bug#298565: bug in kernel-patch-powerpc-2.4.27 Re: Bug#299442: osdsh: does not start on powerpc [bug?] Kernel 2.6.11-1 Building a Custom Kernel B&W G3 Installed Kernel Hangs after loading ohci_hid call for help: CPU clock speed on PowerBook5,6 cannot load snd-powermac on 2.6.1 Canon i950 printer ppd file can't detect Canon A75 digital camera cdrecord failing to write CD-RW cd support for iBook G4 changing hostname changing the harddisk of a 12" PowerBook 1.33GHz Complie error while build cross compile toolchain for i386-linux Config confirm 48a12b294cbf2e29495a2503229717e7 confirm f836e67c1ce11f14268b68ab814f7c26 Contribute Controlling Powerbook fan speed CPU Frequency -- min save value? cpu on post feb. 2005 Powerbook: patch does not work CUDAMGR (was "Automatic power-on" or "pmacpow--would a .deb be worthwhile?") Re: CUDAMGR (was "Automatic power-on" or "pmacpow--would a .deb be worthwhile?") CVS orinoco.c 0.15rc1: Monitor mode broken for Agere 8.xx firmware `dd` problem from cdrom Debian 3.0_r4 debian freezes on boot debian & mac classic, en/sc Debugging linux Kernel /dev/md support in quik did anybody get esound working on a remote server? d-i "testing" installer kernels + Power Mac 8500 do I need to create the bootstrap partition during install? Downgrading from Sid to Sarge ? driver module info and load? dual output using an iBook 2.2 Re: DVI->ADC 22" Cinema Display via KVM doesn't work Endless loop installing on a beige G3 errors when compiling 2.6 kernel source ethernet card question event device and X11 keycodes excessive atyfb debug messages since 2.6.8 or so exim4 does not deliver all local messages instantly Exit solved, but I don't know what I did... external hdd external hdd 2 External Xine Plugins for PowerPC failover for apt sources ? fetchmail Finding non apt-managed files [FIXED]Re: kernel 2.6.10 + radeon accel + alsa G4 Xserve install problems Getting GPM to work. Getting to command line from GDM or KDM... glibc gnome silliness Graceful exit from TWM/X Windows? Re: graphical problem? - radeonfb or hardware problem Gwen Hard Disk install on a new PowerMac G5 hda: lost interrupt starting with 2.6.8 hdparm on iBook G4 hdsploader on pcc Hello Help? Could use some xpert advice... Help please:pmud doesn't function anymore Re: HELP! - problems with 2.6.8 kernel on PM G4/350 (PCI graphics) HELP! - problems with 2.6.8 kernel on PM G4/350 (PCI graphics) Help: system crashes on Pismo Hey, everything seems OK! Hibernate pbbuttonsd hi , problem in sleep patch 7 and linux-2.6.9 history updates How do I right click on a Mac? How do I suspend to disk How to avoid keeping old kernels in dpkg/apt how to find out which program is using the harddrive ibook2 and fan control ibook2 r128 xv colour corruption Ibook G4 sleep ibook system bus speed Ibook vs X11 iMac hardware iMac Mini Re: I mean: cannot load snd-powermac on 2.6.8-11 I messed up the symlinks in the /boot directory initrd? initrd.img ? installing kernel 2.6: running into problems installing net install oon IMAC G3 Is it possible to run a tv card? Is the Pain Unbearable? java 1.4 in browser -- is it possible? [John Steele Scott] Re: Newer laptops & CPU speed ***kernal panic on starting Appletalk services*** The last update was on 20:12 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1156 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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