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Re: Getting to command line from GDM or KDM...

On Tue, 2005-01-03 at 18:53 +0000, Lee Braiden wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 March 2005 18:44, Lee Braiden wrote:
> > Yep, but if you have an Mac keyboard, it'll be Alt+Apple+F1 or
> > fn+Alt+Apple+F1
> *sigh* I must've been thinking of something completely different when I wrote 
> this.  Like food :D
> If your Mac keyboard is doing strange things, like mine used to, it could 
> require some combination with Alt+Apple.  Probably Ctrl+Alt, though.  The 
> main thing to remember is to try fn+(whatever) as well, if you have a fn 
> key :)
> -- 
> Lee.

I have an apple keyboard and its cntrl-option(alt)-F1 to get into
console.  There is no apple key involved.

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