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Re: HELP! - problems with 2.6.8 kernel on PM G4/350 (PCI graphics)

By downloading the newest source deb (2.6.8-13) and compiling anything having to do with sound as modules, I was able to get the kernel to compile cleanly.

them even though this machine doesn't have any serial ports?

Be careful here though - IIRC, this machine came from a time when there
were still honest-to-goodness hardware modems in PCs and Macs.  If this
machine has an internal modem, it probably shows up as a serial port.
If you want to keep that functionality, you want to keep serial port
support.  Check dmesg output for occurences of "ttyS"

Indeed, on boot, it sees the internal modem and IrDA port as serial ports of type powermac_zilog, and assigns them as ttyS0 and ttyS1, respectively. Thanks.

You might try disabling pcilynx support, if you are compiling your own
kernel.  I think all Apple's firewire controllers were OHCI compatible,
but someone else should correct me if I'm wrong.  I've used a firewire
drive on my old 8500 with a PCI card for backup, and it has served me
very well.

I compiled two kernels (both with OHCI and raw_1394 compiled-in), one with CONFIG_PCILYNX unset and one with pcilynx compiled-in. I haven't had a chance yet to compile a kernel with pcilynx as a module and try modprobing pcilynx to "force" the issue. With either kernel, I see no evidence that the firewire ports themselves are detected, not to mention the external DVD-RW firewire drive that I have attached. How can I check if the firewire ports themselves have been detected? Is there a place where firewire devices would be listed, similar to /proc/bus/usb/devices for USB devices?

Any help getting firewire going on this machine would be greatly appreciated.



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