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***kernal panic on starting Appletalk services***

I have installed Ubuntu (Warty) on an iBook
set up for dual boot OSX 10.3.x and Warty
everything was fine until I tried to install netatalk via synaptic packages manager in Ubuntu after the install it tried to build and config netatalk and in the middle of this process automatically rebooted the machine after reboot it loaded the bios and got to the yaboot as well as loading the kernal everything loads fine except when it gets to trying to start up Appletalk services
then it goes into kernal panic and reboots but goes thru the same drill

I asked on #ubuntu and #debian irc but no-one seemed to know how to go into 'recovery/single user mode' on ppc can anyone help me out here?...I'm dead in the water until I can solve this :(

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