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Re: Hello

On (11/03/05 14:33), Michael wrote:
> OK I am going linux crazy.  I have been trying to install linux on my 
> mac for about a year now to no avail.  The common answer I got was that 
> linux didn't like the combination of my rage 128 pro card with my studio 
> display monitor.  Can anyone help me?
> PowerPC G4 Dual 450
> 30 GB Hard Drive
> 896 MB ram
> Rage128 pro graphics card
> 16 MB VRAM
> 17" Apple Studio Display Flatscreen
I've got the same machine (same spec except the flatscreen) and I've
installed Debian on it several times (woody and sarge installers).  In
my experience the sarge d-i rc2 just works:

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