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Re: Help: system crashes on Pismo

On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 02:33:46PM +0100, Rainer Gutkas wrote:
> Am 14.03.2005 um 15:52 schrieb Tamas K Papp:
> >On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 11:11:16AM +0100, Rainer Gutkas wrote:
> >
> >>First I thought it got something to do with connecting via samba to an
> >>Windows share which is actually a USB 2.0 Disk, because this only 
> >>happend
> >>when I did this task. But the last crash I didn' even attempt to use 
> >>samba
> >>the whole working period. So it happens out of the blue, no time
> >>predictable or anything... It just stops like wanting to say I need a 
> >>break.
> >
> >That is most likely to be a thermal problem.  Once I had a PCMCIA
> >network card that stopped working after 30 minutes in a particular
> >room of the house -- it turned out that the temperature was a bit
> >higher there, and the cooling just could not cope with it.
> >
> In the meantime I also do believe that the problem could be of heating 
> too much. I called the guye who does bigger repairs for me on the PB 
> and he said no that can't be he never saw a Pismo overheating or having 
> a broken fan or tempretaure messurement.
> He gave blame to the System (Debian) which I don't believe....
I remember having problems with my pismo a couple of month ago with
casual kernel crashes. I first though of a heating problem, because
I had not heart the fan for quite a long time. Well it wasn't. It
finally was fixed by a new kernel (must be around 2.6.5).
After that it worked without problems and the fan hasn't moved a bit
till today. Sometimes I tend to believe the fan is simply broken, but
the system has been quite often under heavy load without any problems,
ever after 4 years of almost daily use.


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