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Re: Help: system crashes on Pismo

Am 15.03.2005 um 16:30 schrieb Tamas K Papp:

On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 02:33:46PM +0100, Rainer Gutkas wrote:

In the meantime I also do believe that the problem could be of heating
too much. I called the guye who does bigger repairs for me on the PB
and he said no that can't be he never saw a Pismo overheating or having
a broken fan or tempretaure messurement.
He gave blame to the System (Debian) which I don't believe....

Put something below the laptop on both sides (eg books 7-10 mm thick,
whatever) to get more ventillation, and put it in a colder room
(you're lucky, it is still March ;-).  See if the crash occurs.


I know that workaround, but I'm not too happy with it, thats what most PC - Laptop users got to do ;-) and normally I used to say : get yourself a Powerbook, this thing just works fine!!!!!

(by the way for march it's getting quite warm round here! The snow is melting rapidly, but we still got bout 20cm... It's bout time spring is coming winter was long and cold enough)
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