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Re: Debugging linux Kernel

Am Montag, 14. März 2005 10.43 schrieb linay long:
> Hello All,
> I am new to debugging linux kernel. I have an mpc8540 based board with
> BDI2000. Now I am trying to debug Linux kernel.u-boot is the bootloader.The
> steps I followed listed below.The problem I am facing is
> when I put break point at start_kernel address got from System.map, use
> bootm with address where the uncompressed kernel downloaded (bootm
> 0x200000, here I am not using the ramdisk) , booting the kernel is not
> stopping. I mean it should stop at start_kernel function as I put break
> point using BDI.Instead it is booting and trying to mount file system and
> kernel panic is coming.
> Could any one help in this regard
You probably will have more luck on the following list for embedded PowerPCs 
http://ozlabs.org/pipermail/linuxppc-embedded/ or the u-boot.sf.net

I had similar problems. So I remebered the following thread:

Best regards
Niklaus Giger
Wieshoschet 6
CH-8753 Mollis

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