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Re: hi , problem in sleep patch 7 and linux-2.6.9

On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 17:43 +0000, linuxx wrote:
> Hi all  , i was using sleep support from the first patch that benh
> publish , and till some time ago the 7 and a linux-2.6.9 kernel , i dont
> touch nothing in kernel , i just installed the madwifi driver outside
> like modules , and now the sleep dont work , i close the
> laptop and it continius on , There are any way of tell it that go to
> sleep ????? What can be happening , its really strange because it was
> working right for a lot of time . And i can believe that some
> wifi-modules can do anything in sleep. 
> The laptop is a powerbook g4 17 5,3 ¿ Any idea ? Thanks . 

Any driver can screw up the sleep process if it's bogus.

Also, what happens when you close the lid ? do you see anything in
dmesg ? Maybe you just have pbbuttons or pmud not running or you screwed
the kernel .config ?


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