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Ibook G4 sleep

Hello,  I'm using Ubunbtu (Hoary kernel 2.6.10) on a g4 (1gig) Ibook and
thought that a post on this list my get some answers. I've been trying
to get sleep working using info found on both this list and the ubuntu
ppc list. I've disabled dri in xorg as mentioned on many posts and
before closing the lid I unplug all USB devices (wireless mouse and more
or less stable D-link usb wireless stick). Upon closing lid I hear the
machine going top sleep, when I open, I here the hard disk pop in, but
my screen stays blank...

Have played with powerprefs... used it to activate sleep and also to
time screen blanking, have turned all these options off but still get
the blank screen... any suggestions ?

Otherwise my wireless USB device is more or less stable, D-link DWL-122,
I have a script that manually starts, would like to have it kick off on
boot, and I often loose the link for no apparent reason, don't have this
problem with with airport extreme in OS X, or with neatgear pcmcia
wireless with Debianb SID...

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