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Re: exim4 does not deliver all local messages instantly

if exim gets more than 10 messages in the one smtp connection
it will differ them into the queue. This is a good thing in an extremely
busy server - especially when queue runs are potentially served by other
machines or some sort of cron based queue running is happening.

if you can get fetchmail to reduce the number of mails per smtp
session, or look through the exim doco and change it.

personally i dont find it incredibly annoying. the only time
it causes minor 'problems' on our mail servers is when we do mass
mail outs - but i trust the logic of exim to make life easier
for itself and other mail servers (especially exchange)


On Wed, March 16, 2005 8:56 am, Tamas K Papp said:
> I download my mail using fetchmail.  When I have a lot of messages,
> some of them don't get to the mailbox instantly, but keep sitting in
> the queue for a while.  runq as root fixes the problem.  Any idea why
> this is happening, and what I could do about it?  I am using
> exim4-lightweight.
> Tamas
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