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I thank you for all your useful suggestions thus far in distributions to get and all. In this eandevor what I am trying to accomplish is getting an os that I ca work on that has a somewhat similar look and feel as OS X, but based on a linux kernel instead of Darwin based on the Unix kernel. For the desktop I am probably going to use gnome, since I have some experience with it as I worked on the gnome 2.10 fink port somewhat. one of the only developers who still used the 10.2-gcc3.3 tree, so actually that project for that tree was all me. The other differences are in the things that 10.2 left out, such as the wide character supprt, which I guess is more complete in panther. And glibc can't be compiled in OS X.2, or I just lack the experience in doing it. Trying to get help after I compiled gcc-3.4.3 was like pulling teeth, and I, on the whole didn't like the various, and sometimes subtle differences that apple makes to the unix file names. IE glibtool instead of libtool. And I don't like being told what I can and can't use.

Now to the actual question(s). I have an external CD-RW, an internal Zip 250, both iomega. A UMAX 1600U scanner, the latter 2 usb. Are these kind of devices even able to be used in linux? Do you have to write your own drivers for them?


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