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Re: How do I right click on a Mac?

At 10:17 PM 3/17/2005 +0100, Rainer Gutkas wrote:
As you write this to linux mailing list I guess you mean linux

Uh, yeah - sorry about that. I guess Linux isn't quite Mac OS 9 or X. BTW, it's control-click in OS X.

One other solution you might consider is to get a two-button mouse. Logitech sells a 2-button **optical** USB mouse with a scroll wheel for about $30 US. At home, I use a Logitech TrackMan Wheel trackball (again, optical) that has 2 buttons and a scroll wheel, which I got for $40 US. Both of these devices are very solid and reliable. If you really use your computer day-in and day-out like I do at work, you might want to get a Kensington Expert Mouse Pro trackball (~$100 US), which has four primary buttons, a scroll wheel, 6 hot buttons, and is VERY comfortable to use for long periods. The only minor thing the Kensington has against it is that it's electromechanical, not optical, but since it's a trackball, I've never had any problems with it gumming up anyway (I will not go near an electromechanical mouse with a ten-meter pole). I've been using it reliably for almost 4 years now, and I wouldn't be caught dead without it. None of these devices may be as "beautiful" as the Apple mouse, but if you follow the adage that "time is money", a $30 invstment in a 2-button optical mouse with a scroll wheel can save you a lot of time (it's faster to right-click than to control-click) and configuration headaches.


in which case install mouseemu and than you got right click on F11 and middle Click on F10. But mouseemu can also be different configured for instance mine works with fn-alt for middle click and fn-apple for right click....

Am 17.03.2005 um 21:10 schrieb Charles Read:

Since Mac's only have one button how do I right click?

Like the Ctrl - click....



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