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Re: debian freezes on boot

Bryan Frechette wrote:
Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
On Sun, 2005-03-13 at 00:27 -0500, Bryan Frechette wrote:
hi, i just install debian sarge on my mac, and it freezes on boot, 
yaboot freezes and i have to pull the plug on mac imac, and i don't know 
how to make it work, its freezes just after saying loading kernel and 
nothing else
It would be useful if you provided more informations, like the Mac
model, the kernel you installed, the last message you saw, etc...


Hi, my mac, is an Imac 333 Rev A, my debian kernel is 2.6.8, their is no error message, it just says loading kernel please wait and freezes from there, sorry that all i can say, if you need more info, just tell me

Bryan Frechette

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Sorry i forgot to add that my partition is organised in a 1mb bootstrap, 37 gig for / in reiser FS and 1 gig for swap , no mac os what so ever, i installed my os with debian sarge net install from lastweek, if that helps somewhat

Bryan Frechette

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