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Re: [linux-usb-devel] [PATCH] Re-power USB ports on wakeup

> > Doesn't work for me ... the device attached to the port is still
> > powered down after wakeup.
> Yes, me too, but at least it's seen if you reconnect it. For me at
> least ?

Right, that works. I left the mouse connected ... Funny enough, now that
I repeat the test it works even with the mouse connected.

After unloading and reloading the module, the mouse isn't found (powered
down) on the first wakeup, then powers up after replugging and powers up
again after further wakeup, with no replugging necessary.

Seems something gets reset upon the first replugging after wakeup. Any
idea what that might be?

Besides, I didn't apply that patch on top of your first one, rather used
pristine sources ... in case that matters.


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