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Re: debian & mac classic, en/sc

On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 09:44:48AM +0100, maximilian thumfart wrote:
> I got a Mac classic (MC68000) with an Asante En/SC Desktop Network-Scsi.
> I'd like to run debian on it but only if it supports the EN/SC.
> Has anyone in here already tried this?
> Does anone know if debian supports that Asante stuff?

Well, you should ask on the 68k list. However, I can answer your
questions. First, if it's an actual Macintosh Classic, it's not
supported by Linux at all. You need a real MMU, which the original
MC68000 didn't have. Second, noone has been able to figure out how
to get the EN/SC working yet. It might be possible to write a
driver for it, but it would take some significant effort.

	Brad Boyer

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