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Re: Finding non apt-managed files

On Sunday 06 March 2005 09:01, Cedric Pradalier wrote:
> According to Matthew T. Atkinson, on Sat, 05 Mar 2005 16:22:05 +0000,
> >'ello,
> >
> >The more I learn about the stuff you can do with APT, the more I am
> >impressed.  I hope to set up an apt-build-generated repository of these
> >days :-).  Anyway, I was wondering:
> >
> >Is it possible to find all the files on the system that are not managed
> >by apt (i.e. is there a command to do this)?  I would like to keep my
> >system tidy and have been doing a lot of development work recently that
> >I want to make sure hasn't put anything where it shouldn't.

I suspect you want cruft.

apt-get install it ;)  

It is quite clever - it'll give you a list of files that aren't managed by 
apt. You can tell it to ignore certain areas - e.g. /home/*  


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