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Re: errors when compiling 2.6 kernel source

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005, Michael Schmitz wrote:

I tried compiling a 2.6 kernel from sources (2.6.11 from kernel.org to
be exact), and I got the following:

What's causing this ?

That looks like the swim3 driver. Last I heard, it hadn't been updated
when some of the other parts of the kernel changed.

Looks like it hasn't been touched in ages, then. BenH should correct me
if I'm way off base, but you basically need to replace, at a minimum:

save_flags(flags)+cli()	by 	local_irq_save(flags)
restore_flags(flags)	by	local_irq_restore(flags)
sti()			by	local_irq_enable()

for uniprocessor use (are there any SMP capable machines with SWIM3??).
If that compiles and runs, you can proceed to using proper spinlock
functions (a spinlock has already been added to the driver but isn't
currently used).

See swim_iop.c and floppy.c for guidance.

I will take a look. And to answer your questions, I believe the SWIM3 is the driver for the last floppy drive on Power Mac and Power Mac G3
systems, and matching Mac Clones from that period.  The 7300-9600 macs
(and their matching clones) do have 2x CPU cards available for them. I actually have a 2x 180 604e card, and there are 2X G4 upgrade systems
as well for these machines.

Thanks all.


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