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Re: Hello

> On Friday 11 March 2005 22:33, Michael wrote:
> Sorry.  I have tried the Yellow-Dog, Mandrake 9.1. Debian 3.0r2
> "Woody" installations.  I have also tried the Rock linux LiveCD
> image which appeared to have the same symptoms.
> To me, sort of a newbie, it appears as if as soon as the kernel takes
> over from the boot loader that it tries to load an incompatible
> monitor
> driver, or display mode. Having just gotten back from another attempt
> to install Woody, with a new problem this time, the only way I could
> even boot the disk was to boot install24-safe.  I am not sure the diff
> between install24 and install24-safe but I think it is important to my
> problem.

You're not going crazy - I thought I was too for a while ;-)  It seems
to be problem with recent kernels, and the common thing your case and
mine share (from my simplistic viewpoint) is that we both have PCI ATI
video cards.  I have not been able to successfully boot a recent Debian
kernel and have the video work.  I filed a bug with debian and CC'ed it
to this list.  It's in the arcives.

The closest I came was with a 2.6 installer that Sven pointed me to
recently (again in the list archives) in which the kernel that came
with the installer had working video, but the installed kernel did not,
though it did allow the machine to boot, and me to log in blindly.  At
that point, I could start X11 manually, and get video.  But that can't
work for a text installer.

If you're really stuck, contact me off list and we can see about getting
you a working kernel.  I've been using debian for a while, and linux for
a while longer than that, so I've had my own kernels which work for my


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