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[2.6.11 vanilla] Compiled on iBook G4: all working!

Hi list,

yesterday I couldn't resist to try the sleep included in 2.6.11 so I
compiled it. Everything went just fine (I had a lot of warnings compiling
the orinoco, hermes and prism stuff that I don't remember before, but
since I include them as modules but not really use them I went on without
worrying), the sleep support is awesome (works just as good as the patch I
had against 2.6.9) and looks like I can now sleep and resume with
bluez-utils running, as my iBook does not freeze anymore on shutdown
(stopping rfcomm) on those conditions.

One thing to say, thanks BenH and everybody who worked on the kernel. One
year ago, when I got my iBook, X wasn't even supported. Thank you so much.

P.S.: now waiting for debianized sources ;)!

Best regards, Jack
Linux user #264449
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