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Best way to create a swap partition

I finally decided to enable sleep on my laptop. So I got the latest
patches as posted here on the list, and as I understand the kernel
documentation, I need a swap partition for it to work. Since I had
previously read tips to not use swap on a laptop, I had not (yet)
created a swap partion.

I tried using fdisk. Contrary to fdisk on x86/alpha I could not change
the partition type of an existing partion. So I deleted an unused one
and tried to recreate it. But I am never asked for a partition type, I
always get a "Linux native". When I use "C" instead of "c" I can set a
partition type, but there is no help on what I can choose here, fdisk
simply accepts anything, it appears.

So: How do I create a swap partion on ppc?


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