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Re: 2.6.10 and FireStarter

According to Cedric Pradalier, on Thu, 03 Mar 2005 09:33:38 +1100, 
>Hi All,
>I've been using 2.6.8-powerpc and firestarter successfully for a long 
>time now.
>Yesterday I tried 2.6.10-powerpc, and the firewall made by firestarter 
>does not work anymore:
>+ I reveive DNS answers.
>+ I can send PINGs out but the answer is blocked.
>+ When I want to access access ntp servers or a web page I can't get any 
>Any idea on what has changed?

Hi all and sorry to insist. 

Can this be linked to the compilation of SElinux in the kernel in 2.6.10 ? 

Since the kernel is the only changing parameter, I will certainly put a bug report in for
2.6.10 for not respecting backward compatibility. 

Nevertheless, I'd like to know if it is a known problem first. 



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