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"virtual terminal"

Just a couple things, Don't know if anyone's interested, but if anyone tries to install Debian on their mac in the future that has the "antiquated" :_( G4 I have the problem I had with pppconfig was that I was I guess when I configured the thing, the script wouldn't auto-detect my modem, so I didn't know what to do, and it kept giving me the Windows COM address equivalents, So I Didn't think any would work, so I picked the one without one, /dev/ttyT Something. Then for some reason I had /dev/ttyS1 picked. Well the proper was /dev/ttyS0. I did change my /var/apt/sources.list file, or /etc, I forget whether it was in /etc or /var, but in any case, to the Sarge list that was posted to me, and did a apt-get dist-upgrade, only to find out that that would take me almost as long as getting the rest of the Sarge Weekly build iso, and being the fan of wiping and reinstalling as often as I do, I opted to finish the Sarge CD, I got someone to get the first disk for me, and I will continue wget'ing from them when it is changed from the mirror. Now to get into the actual post, sorry for rambling on, do you need to have an X server running in order to use "virtual terminal" as I asked about the keys for in a recent post, or should I be able to do it without? In the case I need one, I am stuck, because I can't get X working, and in the case I don't. I don't think I have that pbbuttons thingy, and Debian reads all my function keys as F1=A F2=B F3=C and so forth, though I haven't tried above F8. What do you guys make of this?

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