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Re: How do I suspend to disk

Hi Wee-Jin,

Just as an add-on to what Djoume has just written, you can also use the hibernate script:


Although is says it only supports Software Suspend 2, it works with suspend-to-disk too [you have to modify the config file though]. It provides a nice way to tailor the script to your requirements (stopping sound appications, taking care of mounted network share, ect.).

Kind regards


Djoume SALVETTI wrote:
Le vendredi 03/04/05 Wee-Jin Goh <wjgoh@brookes.ac.uk> a écrit :

If anyone is able to post or point out some relevant information on
getting suspend to disk working on the Powerbook 12", I'd be grateful.

1) patch your kernel with Guido Guenther swsusp patch :

2) Reboot

3) Change your yaboot.conf to add resume=your_swap_partition kernel
parameter (don't forget ybin after)

4) Then you can suspend with the following script :

rmmod ohci1394
rmmod eth1394
rmmod ieee1394
rmmod hci_usb
/etc/init.d/hotplug stop
echo disk > /sys/power/state

5) After resume you can do something like :

modprobe ohci1394
modprobe eth1394
modprobe ieee1394
modprobe hci_usb
/etc/init.d/hotplug start
/etc/init.d/laptop-net restart
sleep 2
/etc/init.d/ntpdate restart


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