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Re: gnome silliness

On Tuesday 08 March 2005 04:31, Dean Hamstead wrote:
> thats kind of the wierd thing
> gdm is happy with less colors more pixels. then gnome fires up and ruins
> everything
> kill gdm and use startx
> get nice little X cursor, gnome starts and the res goes all stupid

Sounds like you've set gnome to change the resolution somehow.  I don't use 
GNOME much these days, but check for settings in gnome's control panel 
(desktop, perhaps), and (most likely) look for a resolution changing applet 
(perhaps called randr or something like that).  If that fails, run the gnome 
session editor, and delete any background tasks that look suspicious,  If all 
else fails, logout, delete your .gnome directory, and setup gnome again on 
next login :)


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