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Re: "virtual terminal"

Hello Michael,

On Mon, Mar 21, 2005 at 09:11:29PM -0800, Michael wrote:
> I did change my /var/apt/sources.list file, or /etc, I forget whether it 
> was in /etc or /var, ...
It is in /etc.  All the configuration files you ever want to edit
should be in /etc.

> .., and being the fan of wiping and reinstalling as often as I do, ...
You might want to get used to Debians update mechanism instead of
reinstalling often.  One of the good things about Debian is, that
updating really works well.

> Now to get into the actual post, sorry for rambling on, do you need to 
> have an X server running in order to use "virtual terminal" as I asked 
> about the keys for in a recent post, or should I be able to do it 
> without?
I think you mean "virtual consoles", do you?  No X server is needed,
this feature is built into the Linux kernel.  The presence of an X
server might make a difference though: the keys to switch between the
different consoles might be slightly different.  Try Control-Alt-F2
(all pressed together) or Control-Apple-F2 or Alt-F2 or Apple-F2.  If
you get an empty text-mode console showing the login prompt it worked.
Switching back to the X-server, if any, works then with
Control-Apple-F7 or Control-Apple-F7.

All the best,

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