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Canon i950 printer ppd file

I'm trying to get my DebianPPC iBook hooked up to a Canon i950 (via a USB connection; not over a network - yet) I ran the Gnome CUPS manager and it's looking for a ppd file for the printer...none are to be found in either the foomatic db or the library for CUPS
I looked on the canon ftp site and only found drivers for i386 available
q: do the .exe's in the canon ftp downloads contain ppd files?
if so, and these are text files is there any modification that needs to be done to get them to work on a ppc? if the canon ftp exe's do not contain ppd files then can someone point me to where I might find one for the Canon i950 printer? or is there a ppd for another Canon model that would work with some mods?
btw: I've already trawled the linuxprinting.org site for info...
thanks in advance

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