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Boot floppy disk on G3 beige

Hello all!
We have tried to install a Debian distribution on a powerpc G3 beige, without a macOS partition.
We have first boot with the 3.0 install floppies  : boot-hfs.img and root.img.
It has worked quite great until first reboot...
Then we have manually made changes in OpenFirmware with the patches and docs in netbsd.org.
It has worked and we could boot again to continue installation.
Then during install we have choosen testing upgrade.
All Worked great but quick2 has broken the boot disk table and the powermac isn't able to boot anymore!
I'd like to know if there's a way to create a boot floppy with boot prompt so we could type something equivalent to "linux root=/dev/hda2" from an intel Debian distribution (or Windows).
Thank you!

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