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Re: Help: system crashes on Pismo

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 11:11:16AM +0100, Rainer Gutkas wrote:

> First I thought it got something to do with connecting via samba to an 
> Windows share which is actually a USB 2.0 Disk, because this only happend 
> when I did this task. But the last crash I didn' even attempt to use samba 
> the whole working period. So it happens out of the blue, no time 
> predictable or anything... It just stops like wanting to say I need a break.

That is most likely to be a thermal problem.  Once I had a PCMCIA
network card that stopped working after 30 minutes in a particular
room of the house -- it turned out that the temperature was a bit
higher there, and the cooling just could not cope with it.

> This could be the clue, so I haven't heard the ventilation for some time 
> now that you mention it, I'll try keep this in mind. Is there a way to test 
> it manually, so start the ventilation with some instruction?

Ask the list, I have only been using linux on pbooks for a week ;-) I
don't think the message you sent me was sent to the list, so maybe you
should resend it because they could help you better.

> I'll also do that, but I can't believe that this causes the problem, the 
> memory is brand new and worked real fine. Don't memory problems cause the 
> maschine to act weired from the startup, so in my experience it's unusual 
> for a memory problem that the maschine runs fine for several hours without 
> anything funny happening. correct me if I'm wrong.

No, it is not necessary that failures occur at boot time.  Did you
have this problem before putting in that brand new memory?


PS.: I suggest that we continue on the list, so I sent this message
there too.

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