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Re: Getting to command line from GDM or KDM...

On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, Charles Read wrote:

Simple one here...  how can I get back to the command line once the
computer automatically starts GDM?

You have a couple of options.  I'm not at my debian box right now, but
I think you can type (from an xterm, as root):

    # init 2


    # init 3

Failing those, look in /etc and it's sub-directories (most likely, the
/etc/init.d directory), find the script which starts kdm/gdm, and call
it with the "stop" switch

    # /etc/init.d/gdm stop

I apologize if these are not the exact file names or locations, but my
debian box is not in front of my right now, and these commands do work
for what you asked on both RedHat and Suse systems.


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