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Re: [2.6.11 vanilla] Compiled on iBook G4: all working!


Benjamin Herrenschmidt a écrit :

Yes, old problem. Try removing USB devices before sleep. The USB code
has never been fully stable with sleep, I just didn't yet manage to get
the USB folks to do something that works there yet.

I just build a 2.6.11 (custom, not debian) two days ago, and .... just after sleep, USB didn't work, even if I disconnect the mouse (usb mouse for me). Same problem if I disconnect usb stuff before or after the sleep begins...

*but*, starting a second sleep, I have noticed the USB is correctly restarted after the second wake up :-)
Sure, it's simply a workaround, but it is better than restart again  :-)

For the record I'm using a powerbook 15" (albook)  G4, SD, 1,25GHz


eric bachard

eric bachard 	<ericb@openoffice.org>
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