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Re: ethernet card question

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005, Rolando Abarca wrote:

is there a way to know if there's a cable connected to the ethernet card?... I ask this because I have a lombard powerbook, with a dhcp
configured eth0, but if I boot GNU/Linux (ubuntu hoary) it stops
waiting for a dhcp server, I would like to modify the networking
script, so if there's no cable present on the card, don't configure
the eth0 device, only the loopback. Is it possible?  Something like
OS X does when it's booting.

I thought this was alrady the default behaviour in Debian (I run the
testing tree).  When my 8500 boots up, if I don't have the network
cable plugged in, it will pause while the networking scripts try to
acquire a connection, but after about a minute or so, it will give up,
continue the boot cycle, and just have the loopback interface ...  I
can't see why this would be different on Ubuntu.  I remembered when I
was setting up Warty on a PC, the DHCP timeout would be __VERY__ long.
But I thought that was just because it was an older machine ...

I would recommend you give it 2-3 minutes to see if DHCP can figure out
you don't have a network connected.  If you have to wait longer than 5
minutes, I'm not sure where the trouble would be ...


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