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Re: gnome silliness

thats kind of the wierd thing
gdm is happy with less colors more pixels. then gnome fires up and ruins everything

kill gdm and use startx
get nice little X cursor, gnome starts and the res goes all stupid

im willing to admit metacity could be at fault here.


vinai wrote:
does anyone know why gnome would be demanding 24 bit color.
i would rather 16bt 800x600 over 24bit 640x480!!

i cant find anytihng in ~/.gnome* /usr/share/gnome/* etc


This shouldn't have anything to do with GNOME, but with your xfree
settings.  Take a look at the file /etc/X11/XF86Config-4.  Once
your video card and monitor can handle it, there should be no issue
with switching down in colour and up in resolution.


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