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Airport Express

Hi there,

I'm wondering what to do with an Airport Express, and have a few
questions in mind, that a first bunch of google queries didn't really

- is there a configuration tool available under GNU/Linux, or a
  telnet/web interface of some kind to bypass Apple's proprietary
  configuration software?

- since I read that Airport Extreme had been "cracked" by "DVD Jon", is
  there any open-source alternative to using iTunes to stream music?

- is it possible to flash Airport Extreme with an (open-source)
  alternative firmware, as on Linksys WRT54G(S), for instance?

- can some people share their experience on using an Aiport Express as
  is, together with computers running free software? What options are
  available then? Should it just be used as a small-sized access-point,
  or can there be more to it?

Waiting for your feedback, thanks in advance!

mike dentifrice <fluor@poivron.org>

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