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I managed to get Woody installed using one disk. But I have no idea how to configure things. I ran through the ppp configuration, but the error message ran by so fast that I couldn't read it. I didn't know what to put into the apt sources file, which I am guessing is where to put whatever site to get the .deb packages from. I would manually compile things onto the system, or try to, but I don't have gcc, so in my "inexperience" I didn't think I could run a configure script.

at install time, I put video=ofonly into the kernel options, so it would be passed at every boot. When I tried to initially set up X and stuff it told me to input the first Disk and push enter, Which I never took it out so I just hit enter, but that kept giving me a sector error, but that may be the CD-RW I used. When I installed I put in the kernel modules to install support for minix file system, DOS, HFS, and I think NFS, so I should be able to mount my OS X partition and get source and manually downloaded .deb files.

That brings up another question. I worked in and on fink which has an apt-get package manager based on debian. How close is this resemblance? More importantly can I put whatever deb files into a directory for cache and install it? Within fink I think it was /var/cache/apt/Archives.

I left the modem at the default, because I didn't know what to do. is there some documentation I can look at to learn this stuff?


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