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Re: Ibook G4 sleep

On 21 Mar 2005 at 21h03, Eric Pineault wrote:


> Otherwise my wireless USB device is more or less stable, D-link
> DWL-122, I have a script that manually starts, would like to have it
> kick off on boot, and I often loose the link for no apparent reason,
> don't have this problem with with airport extreme in OS X, or with
> neatgear pcmcia wireless with Debianb SID...

The DWL-122 uses the linux-wlan-ng driver, doesn't it? I found it very
clumsy. It breaks every kernel release or so, doesn't manage to upload
the firmware half the time, etc. I've had more luck with a zd1201-based
USB stick (like the Peabird PEAB-WL-USB); I think it's mainly due to
the fact that this driver is in-kernel since 2.6.12-rc1. 
Concerning prism2-based USB sticks, I sent one to Greg KH, so he'll be
able to put its driver in-kernel one day or another - and I expect it
to work much better by then :)


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