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driver module info and load?

Hi all-

Two hopefully quick questions about driver module configuration on
2.6.8.  I have a G3 Pismo.

Used modconf interactively to install/remove drivers and had some
questions about a few.  Haven't the faintest what they do (well, I can
guess on some...)

/drivers/char/agp               ?agpgart
/drivers/input                  ?evdev, ?tsdev, -joydev
/drivers/net                    ?sungem
/drivers/usb/host               ?ohci-hcd
/drivers/usb/input              ?usb-hid
/fs                             ?mbcache
/fs/ext2                        ?ext2
/fs/ext3                        ?ext3
/fs/jbd                         ?jbd
/fs/nls                         ?nlsbase
/net/packet                     ?af_packet

Where can I find info about divers to determine whether I need them or

Also, I've rebooted a few times (checking hardware configs) since
running modconf and the drivers that I'd thought I'd unloaded (yenta
socket, for example) seem still to be loaded.  Did I miss a step with
module configuration?  Yenta, for example, doesn't appear in


Charles Turner


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