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Re: [2.6.11 vanilla] Compiled on iBook G4: all working!

On 04 Mar 2005 at 16h03, Jack Malmostoso wrote:


> I have just found a nasty bug: upon resuming after a sleep, the usb
> does not work anymore.
> The usb mouse I had attached was dead (also removing and replugging
> it), and attaching a usb drive did not work.
> Attaching the usb drive while watching tail -f /var/log/messages
> produced nothing (no reaction whatsoever), like the usb ports weren't
> powered or something alike.
> Should now try removing everything plugged before sleep.

Me too, usually a /etc/init.d/hotplug restart with no USB device
attached solves it. I don't know if this exists on Debian, but there
probably is something similar. On gentoo it basically rmmods the whole
stuff and modprobes it back.

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